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All New Mana Tea Bags!

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If you are in the United States of America, you can now buy our tea online, directly through our shop. If you are in India, or elsewhere in the world, please contact us for your order.  We select the top leaf grades specifically for tea drinkers who are looking for a strong, stimulating cup of tea. These teas are high quality, pure, single estate teas from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate ( i.e. they are […]

Bullock cart rides and grand plans.

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Rashmi and I left Delhi early morning, to reach Indore at 9 am on the 26th of January, 2013. Sudhir, our project coordinator and local guide picked us up from the airport, and we headed towards the potential project sites that we were here to visit. The agenda for this trip was to determine if we can work with the farmers and check the infra structure availability in the villages that […]

Getting ready for retail.

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Once we decided we had to temporarily work with the industrial requirements for packaging our organic products, we started looking at printers and packing material to get our products ready for retail. Having developed the design, we had to figure out who would print it for us, on what material, what cost, what quality. The packaging of food grains also requires special grade plastics that keep the bacteria out, and […]

The Packaging Conundrum

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In the whole process of marketing organic foods, the biggest ideological stumbling block we have faced so far is in the packaging. In an era where branding and packaging is the most obvious detail setting apart almost identical products, we wanted our product to take precedence. In our larger endeavor to reduce waste, the first impulse was to reduce on unnecessary packaging. The product is qualitatively superior. The prices are […]

Community Development

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Mana works with rural communities to develop social projects tailored to the needs of each region/village we work in to help maintain a balance between the utilization and preservation of the surrounding natural resources. By providing resources, awareness programs and hands-on workshops we help communities move towards a more self sufficient life. See below to learn more about the projects we are working on. Read more about our community development […]

Organic Farming

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Mana encourages rural development through the implementation of organic farms and farming practices among Indian farmers. Organic farming is a sustainable approach to agriculture that integrates knowledge and practices from traditional farming, ecology, entomology, and soil science. It avoids the use of modern farming chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers, and focuses on using natural, local ingredients for pest control, and improving soil fertility. This helps to maintain the natural […]