Getting ready for retail.

Once we decided we had to temporarily work with the industrial requirements for packaging our organic products, we started looking at printers and packing material to get our products ready for retail. Having developed the design, we had to figure out who would print it for us, on what material, what cost, what quality. The packaging of food grains also requires special grade plastics that keep the bacteria out, and have high tensile strength to withstand rough handling/transport etc. Keeping all these things in mind, we went looking for the right material, and the right printers for us to start our packaging.
We were directed towards Imli Bazaar, the wholesale market in Indore.
Imli Bazaar
We found a plastic shop that met all our needs. We entered the first shop on the street that said ‘plastic retailers for all food grade packaging materials”. The store was run by a middle-aged gentleman who took to us, and got chatting. At first, we were mistaken for school/college kids looking for information for a research project. After some explaining and exchanging business cards, he begun to take us a little more seriously. We got sample packets from him, and came to an arrangement that we would place our order with him. He was also ready to get our labels printed. This however required converting our illustrator files to corelDraw files, which apparently none of the printers could do. He allowed us sit in his small office in a small room above his shop for the afternoon while he spoke to printers, gave us a lot of insight, and took us to his contacts to get our job done.
imli bazaar shop
Meanwhile, we were also looking for packaging machines, which conveniently were available in the lanes around imli bazaar. This gentleman was quite a find for us, and it was really nice of him to introduce us to some of the packaging machine people who gave some demonstrations. After a long hot dusty day at imli bazaar, we had 3 contacts made, and a potential place to buy our plastics, get our labels printed and get the sealing machine. Since nothing comes easy, finalizing all these things required us to make two more trips to imli bazaar, and several phone calls to a printing company in Calcutta, to actually go ahead with the purchase and orders.
2013-03-24 16.54.04
We now have our first batch of products ready for packing. The pouches are bought, the labels are ready, the pricing tag machine bought and the order ready to be met!
We are still exploring and looking for packaging options that will allow us to use minimum plastic material, and/or use biodegradable/re-usable materials. Please do leave us a note if you have any ideas or references!

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