Community Development


Mana works with rural communities to develop social projects tailored to the needs of each region / village we work in.We provide expertise and resources to help communities develop into ones that are self-sustained on local resources while preserving the surrounding environments We hope to bring changes to these communities through awareness programs and hands-on workshops. See below to learn more about the projects we are working on.

Some of our projects that are currently being implemented are:

Biochar Smoke-Free Stoves:

Smoke from cooking fires is cited as one of the most common causes of lung cancer in rural India, even more so than cigarettes. We are introducing more efficient cooking stoves into the homes of plantation workers and local farmers, which convert burnt wood into charcoal and greatly reduce smoke output. Using these stoves, it is possible to cut down on meal preparation time, as well as provide biochar as a byproduct that can be sold or applied to fields to increase organic carbon.

By reducing cooking time and smoke output, use of these stoves can potentially increase the overall health of plantation workers and farmers, as well as provide a time-saving device for women in the household. If you are interested in helping us expand this project, please visit our Get Involved page.

Environmental Education Program:

Mana is developing an environmental education curriculum for children as well as adults of the villages we work in. We hold workshops and awareness programs addressing basic issues of health and sanitation, waste disposal, use of plastics, and give importance to integrating local cultures and traditional practices with modern technology and development to build a system that preserves the surrounding environment and maintains a balance in the utilization of the natural resources. If you are interested in helping us expand this project, please visit our Get Involved page.