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Below is a list of volunteer/intern positions that we are currently looking to fill:


Packaging designer:

  1. Job description: Someone, preferably with a design background or an artful eye, to help us innovate a design for sustainable packaging. Because our product is organic, and because we are grounded in the concept of sustainable development, we hope to wrap and sell our products in a non-plastic, biodegradable, or reusable package. Help us research to find the most eco-friendly materials to use in the most eye-catching design.
  2. Location/time requirement: Calcutta, West Bengal; 1.5+ months

Social media manager:

  1. Job description: Part of what Mana Organics does is help market our farmers’ produce. Because of this, it is important for us to maintain a positive, consistent, and modern presence online. Help us to update our Facebook with information on organic farming, cool local events, and interesting Mana news and share your experiences or discuss topics on our blog.
  2. Location/time requirement: Calcutta or on-site at projects; 2+ weeks

Social project: smoke-free stoves

  1. Job Description:  Families in rural India still rely on open fires to cook each meal. This fills the home with particle-heavy smoke, causing several health issues. We currently have a sample of 50 smoke-free stoves that use an innovative design to reduce smoke and produce usable charcoal. Help us to bring the smoke-free stoves into the homes of the locals, educate them about its benefits, and make sure the project continues successfully.
  2. Location/time requirement: Chota Tingrai, Assam; 1-2 months

Social project: environmental education program

  1. Job description:Tea estates in India, because of their large sizes, are required to provide a schoolhouse for the plantation workers. Oftentimes the government-provided curriculum is lacking and hands-on lessons are not included. Help us to develop a curriculum that teaches the local students basic math, science, and reading skills in an outdoor environment using nature as a learning tool. (For example: use a tomato plant to teach concepts such as germination, photosynthesis, pigmentation, seasons, etc.). Volunteers can come to do back-end research to develop the curriculum and/or help out during the implementation process.
  2. Location/time requirement: Chota Tingrai, Assam; 1+ months
What’s in it for you?

Compensation: Because it is difficult to obtain a work visa for international visitors, our volunteers and interns will not be provided monetary compensation, but will be given free housing, food, and work-related, in-country travel. Live with our families in an Indian home in Calcutta or on our tea estate in Tingrai. Enjoy local, home-cooked meals, a hot shower, and a comfortable bedroom.

Educational credit: Mana will work with you and your academic institution to try to award you with school credits during your stay here. An intern visa can be arranged for and the necessary paperwork can be filled out. Let us know what information is required and we will help you with that process.

Experience: Come to practice Hindi, Bengali, Assamese; learn more about Indian culture; encounter first-hand the progress of development in India; discover the process of tea production; or just enjoy the springtime sun. Each of these aspects enhances the learning experience that will come with working as a part of the Mana team.

Want to apply?

Write to us for our volunteer application. Send the application and your CV/resume to:


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