Mana Team


Avantika Jalan, Founder / Managing Director
Avantika is trained under the organic and biodynamic system of agriculture by Ecotropic Consulting AG, Germany and by experts from the BioDynamic Association of India. After completing her B.A. in Biology from Carleton College, Minnesota, USA in 2010, she moved back to India to work towards environmental and economic sustainability in rural India. Extremely fascinated with organic and bio-dynamic farming, she hopes to make it a popular practice among Indian farmers.

Rashmi Sirkar, Co-founder/Marketing Director
Rashmi is a freelance designer, specializing in textile, trained from Srishti School of Art Design and Tecnology. It was as a student of design that she became interested in sustainable systems and designing solutions for social problems that are relevant to contemporary society. She is a co-founder of Mana and was instrumental in deciding the visual identity of the company.

Mrigendra Jalan, Financial Advisor
Former Managing director of Maikaal-BioRe, Mrigendra developed and managed one of the first organic cotton projects in 1992 – 2003 in Madhya Pradesh. His visions for rural development and organic markets in India led to the conceptualization of Mana. Currently based in Assam, he runs three tea estates, and continues to be our mentor and financial advisor.

Sudhir Shrivas, Project Coordinator
Sudhir is from Kasrawad in MP, and an old associate of Mrigendra’s since his Maikaal days. He knows the Nimar region like the back of his hand and was instrumental in helping us establish contacts with the farmers in order to set up the Mana MP Project. He is currently our Project Coordinator and manages the day to day operations on the MP front.

Sharad Hardia, Field Manager
Sharad is from Kasravat, MP and is an experienced field coordinator and trainer who started his career in the organic field as an farmer himself. He has hands on knowledge and 15 years of experience in training farmers in the organic system of farming, giving them simple and effective ways of preparing fertilizers and pest control. Sharad looks after the internal control system and works with the extension team as our field manager

Deepa Chetry, Field Coordinator
Deepa is from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate and has trained under Mana’s management. She manages our organic input production and field management in Assam. She also oversees all production and packaging for direct orders.

Mahinder Sobar, Field Coordinator
Mahinder is from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate. He has learned the organic system under Mana and is our field coordinator for small growers and tea estates in Assam. Mahinder oversees pest management, organic tea cultivation and organic tea manufacture in Chota Tingrai Tea Estate.


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