Why We Do It

Why Sustainable rural development?

Mana Organics was envisioned with the aim of building sustainable systems for rural development in India. Over the past few decades rural populations have been migrating to urban centers in search of better jobs, education and healthcare. The main reason for this shift in population is the economic strength of urban centers in comparison to rural ones. We chose to work with farming communities because agriculture is the most important economic activity in rural India. By restoring the importance and recognition of agriculture as an occupation, we hope to strengthen rural economies so that they further develop infrastructure and basic amenities (health care, sanitation, education, waste management etc.) at the local level. We believe that developing self-sustained rural centers will help reduce the issues of unemployment, overpopulation, and poverty that stems from the rural-urban migrations in developing countries like India.

Why Organic Farming?

Organic farming allows small farmers to become self-sufficient by reducing their cost of inputs (chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides). It improves the soil health and maintains fertility of the farm lands, plant health is much improved, and pest infestation is reduced due to stronger immunity and better health of soil and plant. All these factors allow the individual farmers to produce better quality produce. Organic farming is also environmentally friendly as there is no toxic / chemical agricultural waste. The farmers also have health benefits as they are not exposed to chemical pesticide sprays that are extremely toxic for them and their families.

Why Community Development?

Traditionally rural communities lived in harmony with their natural environment – using available resources without degrading the land, accumulating trash, or polluting the environment. However, with rapid development in the recent past, these values and traditions are being lost, or ignored, with no alternative to help maintain the local environments and natural resources.  We work towards restoring this balance by sharing knowledge and resources and joining their traditional methods with modern lifestyles. We hope this will help these communities maintain their identity and have access to modern technology and development.

Why Marketing?

Many small farmers in rural areas cannot navigate India’s supply chain and food system in order to bring their crops into major retail markets – grocery stores, restaurants, etc. We enable the farmers to reach the consumers directly by connecting their crop to these markets under our brand. Our brand ensures a high level of quality for the consumer while keeping the farmer’s identity in focus.

Why Retail?

We retail under our brand name to connect our farmers to our customers directly and maintain control over our pricing. We make our products available at prices comparable to conventional products so that our customers can purchase a higher quality product at a similar price. We believe in making organic mainstream and bringing the health and environmental benefits of organic farming to wider audience so as to encourage organic production on a larger scale.


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