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5 Ways Mana Organics Tea is Better

1. Mana Organics teas contain a unique, SINGLE ESTATE experience

Most tea bags you buy contain a mix of teas from all over the world. Even single region tea bags contain a blend sourced from multiple gardens. This mixing allows the seller to balance teas with different deficiencies to create a product acceptable to the consumer.

Single Estate Teas represent the opposite. Single Estate teas are as the name implies—teas that come exclusively from one tea estate. In Single Estate Teas, the unique soil conditions, style of plucking and art of manufacture of the estate defines the aroma, style and taste of a tea. Additionally, because they cannot be blended with other teas to hide defects, Single Estate Teas feature the highest quality teas made in the garden. This creates a superior experience that makes Single Estate tea more akin to drinking a fine wine than a mass marketed cheap beer.

Mana Organics teas embrace the one-of-kind experience of Single Estate. All our teas come solely from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate. When you drink Mana’s tea, you taste the rich character of Chota Tingrai’s alluvial soil, Assam’s sweet rain, and the factory’s style.

2. Mana Organics Teas are free of any harmful chemicals

Unfortunately, many teas test positive for pesticide residue. (See if your favourite brand test positive for pesticide residue)

Mana Organics teas are certified organic. We personally manage the organic practices used to cultivate all of our teas. We do NOT use any chemical pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Instead, we use rich compost and natural, integrated pest management to ensure healthy tea bushes. Check out some of our organic practices in this video:

So when you drink Mana tea, no need to worry about drinking pesticide residues.

3. Mana Teas take care of the environment in which its grown

Like all agriculture, conventional tea growing negatively impacts the environment. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides damage soil environments. Transportation and application of agricultural inputs produces Green House Gases, contributing to climate change.

Mana’s organic practices reduce the environmental impact of our tea. We make all agricultural inputs from waste material—leaves, weeds, and cow dung. This waste would become Green House Gas, but by making it into compost, Mana sequesters the carbon in the soil. Substituting compost and organic pest management for chemicals heals soil environments instead of harming them. Since we collect the raw material for our inputs within the estate or in neighbouring communities, Mana reduces the fossil fuel used to transport this material.

As a buyer of Mana Tea, you contribute to reducing the environmental impact of tea in two ways. You help Mana continue these sustainability initiatives. You also encourage other tea brands to adopt sustainable practices by demonstrating customer demand.

4. Mana teas support tea growing communities—and beyond

A farmer in Madhya Pradesh that receives training from Mana Organics

Mana’s commitment to organic already benefits tea workers by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals—but Mana’s commitment to community development goes far beyond.

We work closely with our workforce to bring positive social change in their communities. Health and hygiene, education and sanitation projects are as much a part of Mana’s work as tea making. Additionally, Mana contributes a portion of its profits to helping small scale lentil farmers in Madhya Pradesh adopt organic practices.

By being a Mana tea drinker, you help us continue this important work on the tea estate, in Madhya Pradesh, and, in the long term, across India.

5. Mana teas taste better

That may sound arrogant, but it is true—Mana Organics teas taste better.

Partly, Mana Teas taste so full and healthy because of the high quality leaf our organic tea bushes produce. Partly, they taste so pure due to nearly 80 years of tea making experience at Chota Tingrai Tea Estate. But also, Mana Teas are so excellent because we select only the best of the season for our products.

Mana’s Organic Assam Black Tea bags use only the topmost grades of Assam leaf teas. If you ever open a Mana tea bag, you will see whole leaf and CTC tea like in a loose brew instead of broken ends and dust. Compare that with what you find in another tea bag and you will be shocked at the difference.

Mana’s Organic Green Tea comes from the first Japanese-style tea factory in India. This initiative pairs the unparalleled quality Assam leaf with the unmatched manufacturing prowess of Japan. This has given Mana’s Organic Green Tea Bags a sweetness and complexity of taste unexperienced in tea to-date.

Check out the difference between our tea bags and those of other major brands:


So, when you drink Mana, you are drinking the best! Why not sign up for a FREE Sample Today!

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