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Mana Organics Certifed Organic Assam CTC Black Tea (200 g)

Mana Organics Certifed Organic Assam CTC Black Tea (200 g)

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Bold, direct, sweet with pleasantly astringent after-taste. A healthier replacement for coffee.

Perfect for masala chai blends: Takes milk, sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, and any other spice well. No danger of drowning that delicious tea flavor.

Direct from Global Tea Championship winning, family-owned Chota Tingrai Tea Estate

USDA Certified Organic: Healthier for you and the environment thanks to our certified organic practices

Garden Fresh: Packed onsite in re-sealable bag so you get that garden-fresh taste again and again

Direct from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate, Mana Organics’ Assam CTC Black Tea represents the best of Crush Tear Curl (CTC) style available in North America.

This is a STRONG tea. We make no apologies for it. It is bold, pleasantly astringent, and very green in flavor. It is excellent for waking you up in the morning and helping you power through your afternoon slump – without that coffee crash. This tea is also very delicious with milk and sugar.

While not typically found in North America, CTC is the tea of choice in India. Authentic chai makers—from the humblest of Kolkata’s street vendors to the ritziest of Mumbai’s hotels—mix this style of tea with their spices. If you’ve ever dreamed of making your own chai blends, this your chance. This tea will not succumb to other tastes, instead blending milk, sugar, and spices together in a brilliant symphony of flavor.

100% of the tea in this pack come from our family owned tea estate, Chota Tingrai. In March 2017, Chota Tingrai Tea Estate teas won at the Global Tea Championship, being recognized as one of the best producers of Assam teas in the world.

To make this organic tea, Mana nurtures every plant with 100% organic compost made on Chota Tingrai tea estate. We personally oversee the production of all our organic inputs. We use all the estate’s agricultural waste to create a closed loop system that maintains our natural resource balance. We plant green manuring plants to increase soil fertility. And we make several tons of vermicompost annually to increase soil carbon content and microbial activity in the soil. All organic sections managed by Mana are free of chemical pesticides.

We love this tea, the land we grew it on, and the people with whom we grew it. We know you will love it too.

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