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Organic Management and Environmental Sustainability

Mana believes in a closed loop system to maintain our natural resource balance. We have converted 100 hectares of tea at Chota Tingrai Tea Estate to certified organic. Avantika personally oversees the production of all our organic inputs from within the plantation. All the tea estate’s agricultural waste is re-used.

All organic sections managed by Mana are free of any chemical use. We encourage biodiversity of the ecosystem that helps maintain the natural balance. Our pest management is integrated, with several physical traps, natural predators and bio-controls that help eliminate pests without disturbing the natural biodiversity.

Mana encourages the planting of trees to replace those used as fuel by our partner tea worker communities. We plant green manuring plants to increase soil fertility. And we make several tons of vermi-compost annually to increase soil carbon content and microbial activity in the soil.

Moving forward, Mana wishes to expand our projects to include water harvesting and renewable energy to power our factories. We aim to make Chota Tingrai Tea Estate carbon neutral estate. We are actively look for partners to help us achieve these goals. 

Check out the videos below to learn more about how Mana manages its organic tea sections.