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Mana Organics Loose Twin Pack

Mana Organics Loose Twin Pack

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For the fans of our teas from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate, we have combined our exclusive loose black and green teas into an easy to order package. Makes a great gift for the tea lovers in your life, or for your self.

Mana Organics Assam Black Tea has been crafted by our family for four generations. It is rich and robust in taste, aromatic, with bright liquors ideal in Assam. When opening, the gold leaves you see are the fabled tips of Assam. Prized for their complexity of scent and flavor, you will rarely find tips of these length and frequency. Upon brewing, you smell dates, almonds, and parsley as the liquor blooms a dark rosy red. You can watch the golden tips unfurl. As you take your first sip of the tea, you meet a flawlessly smooth balance of malt and sweet.

Mana Organics Super Twist Green Tea is a tea like no other! It soothes and rejuvenates with every sip. Upon brewing, you first encounter the wholesome scent of a fresh cut garden as the liquor turns a spring leaf green. Upon tasting, the flavor of refreshing grilled green vegetables and late summer picked corn that fill the entire mouth. The initial brightness soon subdues into a feeling of calm. The exceptionally sweet after-taste will have you reaching for the kettle before you know it. Which is OK, because you can brew this tea twice and get an even more exceptional taste the second time!

Both teas are made from 100% organically grown leaf according to USDA standards. We nurture every plant with biodynamic compost made on our estate. We pluck and process every batch of leaf to meet the highest health and safety standards. Every buy contributes towards our social mission of improving living and working conditions of tea workers and small growers in India.

Both teas come in re-sealable pouches, and packed fresh in the garden.

We love this tea, the land we grew it on, and the people with whom we grew it. We know you will love it too.

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