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Mana Organics Green Tea Bags Triple Pack (75 Tea Bags, 150 Cups of Tea)

Mana Organics Green Tea Bags Triple Pack (75 Tea Bags, 150 Cups of Tea)

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Light, and refreshing, we grew this organic Assam green tea on our family tea estate, Chota Tingrai (27.458869 N, 95.354856 E). These Organic Assam Green Tea Bags promise to soothe and rejuvenate with every sip.

We crafted this unique green tea by wedding Japanese tradition with premium Assam leaf. We nurture every tea plant with 100% organic compost made on our estate. Our pluckers skilfully select each leaf. We make the tea on state-of-the-art Japanese machines. Tea Master Yanagawa-san oversees the processing himself to ensure that every batch meets the highest standard. The tea bag is shaped for perfect brewing, and made from 100% biodegradable materials.

And the result is exquisite. When you brew this Assam green tea, you first encounter the wholesome scent of a fresh cut garden as the liquor turns a spring leaf green. Upon tasting, you find a bright sweetness, accompanied by a massaging mouthfeel. The initial brightness soon subdues into a feeling of calm. As you savor each drop, you taste the clean fresh rain that falls on Chota Tingrai, and the warm, happy pride of the women who plucked the leaf. The exceptionally sweet after-taste will have you reaching for the kettle before you know it.

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