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Top 8 Instagramers of Calcutta

John Grams Calcutta/Kolkata

For about a third of the year, Avantika and I call Calcutta our home. I have tried many times to explain to my friends and family back in the States what Calcutta is like. The city houses such a diversity and activity, I find it difficult to grasp on to a core idea from which to explain the place. And I am not sure any one person can.

Fortunately, in this age of social media I do not have to rely on my own descriptive faculties. Many of Calcutta's citizens host active Instagram accounts. When taken individually, each account provides only a tantalizing snapshot of the city. When taken together however, you start to feel like you wandering the streets of this dynamic place we call home.

Below are Mana Organics' Top 8 Instagram Accounts of Calcutta. We hope that by exploring their photos, you can feel like you are walking through the gullies of Calcutta with us.

Ritwick Mondal

A post shared by Ritwick Mondal (@ritwick_ray) on

Ritwick is a medical student based in Calcutta. His Instagram account focuses on the citizens of Calcutta out and about in the city. It's a great account for feeling like you are actually meeting the people of the city.

Mayukh Ranjan Das

Awesome photos of daily life in West Bengal.

Debasish Guha

A post shared by Debasish Guha (@debasish_guha) on

This Instagram focuses on religious festivals.

Pritam Dutta

A post shared by Pritam Dutta ( on

Photos from all over India, but especially Calcutta. Great photos of festivals in Calcutta.

Ritesh Ghosh

A post shared by Ritesh Ghosh (@love_thy_camera) on

A top photographer in India. Has had his work featured in National Geographic.

Koushik Biswas

Gives you a sense of the city-space.


A post shared by Deep 🍁🍂 (@deep_x_t1) on

Another great account for people. Scroll a little way down to see the Sadhus.

The Calcutta Houses

Dedicated to the failing architectural paradise of Calcutta past, and its renewal. One of our favorite instagram accounts to follow.

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