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Look Who Loves Mana Organics Assam Black Tea!

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At Mana Organics, we’ve been experimenting with a lot of different channels for our online retail. We sell Mana on our website (check out our store), on Amazon, on our Facebook page, and on Facebook messenger.

While it makes us happy to meet our customers in a manner most convenient to them (I mean, what’s more convenient than texting us a question about composting and buying tea with one tap of your phone?), this diversity of channels creates one major issue: managing reviews.

Mana Organics tea has excellent reviews scattered all over the internet. One could take on a Pokemon-esque quest to “collect them all.”

But you don’t have to thanks to this and future blog posts. Here you are, for your reading pleasure, reviews of Mana Organics Assam Black Tea bags from all over the internet.

  • Brian on our website wrote.

    This tea was great. I usually drink green tea, but will definitely buy more of this in the future. It has a very smooth taste, and also has a nice caffeine kick that isn't overpowering. It tastes great plain, but I really enjoyed it with milk. Perfect way to start my morning!

  • An anonymous Amazon customer wrote.

    Everything about this black tea is great: the aroma once brewed, the delicate flavors, and the story that comes with it. You take a sniff and you can smell the factory where it was made, robust earthy tones and a hint of spice. The tea bags are perfectly sized, giving the tea room to expand. First cup, second cup, and even third cup are delicious!

  • Arthur made use of onomatopoeia on his Facebook review.

    One cup french press with a spoon of assam black first flush loose leaf, wham-me!

  • Kat shared on our website.

    I have just finished my first box of this -- quite a treat! I really enjoy having pure Assam black tea in the morning -- it is not a common tea found in my neck of the woods (usually only found in flavored blends). I drink it plain and is a great way to start the day.

    The packaging is just beautiful -- and I love the pyramid tea bags, it brings it closer to drinking a loose leaf brew.

  • Nicole B. wrote on our website.

    This is a great strength of tea with a good amount of malt in convenient tea bag form. No weak tea here, but also not bitter. Love the mix of CTC and leaf.

  • Sheena Molto said on Amazon.

    After drinking half a box of this tea I have to admit, I love it! The taste and aroma are excellent, tea bags of high quality. If you want your healthy caffeine fix buy Mana Organics

  • A review from Jill Z. on our website.

    I'm a regular tea drinker and just loved this Assam black tea! I added a bit of honey since sometimes the acid in tea bothers my stomach and honey seems to help. This tea was bold and flavorful but not overpowering. And I love that it's organic! Thanks!

  • Ørtiz, on Amazon, wrote.

    Having previously purchased a single box, I was very, very happy to see a three-pack. Now I can finally buy an amount that can keep up with my caffeine addiction! I totally recommend this tea. It's a no frills (read: pure) black Assam, which I don't think I've ever seen in a local store. You get that characteristic maltiness of this type of tea, which I love. The bags are high quality and large enough to allow the tea to expand properly, so it's a great substitute for the loose leaf stuff. Also, and this mostly goes unmentioned in reviews for tea in general, the packaging is beautifully designed.

    I'm definitely keeping this in stock for the foreseeable future.

  • SG on Amazon was a convert from the first sip.

    I am a devoted tea-drinker and this will be my new go-to black tea. Excellent taste, cute packaging, and most of all a responsible social enterprise. Highly recommended!

  • Pippa on Amazon enjoyed Mana’s quality.

    Love this black tea and will definitely order again! Great value for the quality of Mana Organics, rich flavor, and really tasty with a drop of milk. YUM!

  • Eliza on Amazon was to the delicious point.

    This tea is delicious! So much more flavor than any other tea I have had in a tea bag. Highly recommend!

It is great to read all these wonderful reviews all at once. It energizes all of us at Mana to know that you all enjoy the product.

And if you have read all these reviews, and haven’t signed up for a free sample of Mana Organics tea, What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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