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The Mana Difference - Cutting Edge Green Tea Manufacture

John Grams about tea Chota Tingrai Tea Estate green tea

The Green Tea Factory at Chota Tingrai Tea Estate

Hard to believe when you watched the video, but Mritunjay and team erected the green tea factory in less than 40 days.

The team that built this factory hailed from both Chota Tingrai Tea Estate and Japan. The Japanese team was led by the indomitable Shoji Hara. This man’s energy propelled the construction forward. He has a long history of innovation in tea, holding several patents. He sees this factory an opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible in tea.

Mritunjay managed the Indian team with assistance from Simi. You can see her tending to the tea bagging machine in the video. She has developed an affinity for working with the machines. Even the Japanese engineers began calling her Sensei.

This factory brings together different not only cultures, but different philosophies of tea making. Japanese tea production focuses on high quality machinery. A human being never touches the tea. This reduces the quality of the leaf plucked, but also the potential for damage to the leaf. In Assam, tea is hand plucked. This increases the quality of the leaf that goes into the tea.

By bringing together modern Japanese green tea manufacturing techniques, and premium hand-plucked Assam leaf, the factory creates a unique green tea. It features the strong bold flavor of Assam smoothed by a sweet after-taste. The tea made achieves a quality beyond other Indian green.

Mana’s organic green teas reach an even higher level of quality. Mana’s green tea benefits from both superior the quality of organic leaf and superior manufacture. This creates a stunning tea that rejuvenates as much as it delights.

With this factory, Chota Tingrai and Mana Organics are leading a revolution in Indian green tea making. Cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Video Highlights

00:10 – Introducing the Green Tea Factory

00:26 – The steamer

00:50 – The rolling tables

01:09 – “Here it is, green tea!”

01:34 – Vacuum packing

02:05 – Tea bagging machine

02:13—Hoji Cha roaster


John: Hi, and welcome to behind the scenes with Mana Organics.

John: Today, I want to show you our first of its kind, state of the art green tea factory.

John: This factory is a modern Japanese style green tea factory. No where else in India do they make green tea like this!

John: This machine is the steamer. We steam fresh unwhithered leaf in order to arrest fermentation.

John: Then we dry the leaf in this series of three dryers.

John: After drying, the leaf is twisted in these machines called rolling tables. After twisting, the tea is polished to give it that nice green color.

John: Here it is, green tea. Fresh from the final dryer.

John: After manufacture is complete, the tea goes for sorting. After sorting the tea is ready to drink. And we taste test it to make sure it meets our quality standards.

John: Tea that we are not further processing we vacuum pack in this machine here.

John: Vacuuming packing extends the shelf life of the tea upwards of two years. Once the tea is vacuum packed, we store it in our cold storage facility.

John: Tea that isn’t vacuum packed is either tea bagged or made into hoji cha.

John: This is our pyramid tea bagging machine. It packs 4000 premium quality pyramid tea bags per day.

John: Other tea we roast in this machine hear in order to make hoji cha.

John: With this new green tea factory, Mana Organics and Chota Tingrai Tea Estate are leading a revolution in Indian green tea manufacture.

John: Thank you for watching our video. Hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for more updates from behind the scenes at Mana Organics and Chota Tingrai Tea Estate.

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