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In Time for Holiday Shopping - Look Who Loves Mana Organics Green Tea!

John Grams gift green tea Mana Organics

Ahh… December shopping season. The lights. The cool air. The smell of pine. The crowds, the lines, the parking… yeah, better to just get your gifts online.

 But when shopping on the internet for green tea, it can be difficult to sift through all the different platforms to find the most informative reviews. To make your shopping easier, we have collected all the reviews of Mana Organics Green Tea Bags.

Reviews of Mana Organics Green Tea Bags

  • LOrtz on Amazon wrote:

After trying their Assam black, I was intrigued by their green tea. Definitely one of the best I've had in recent years. You can tell there's a lot of attention to detail, with their tea packed in high quality bags that allow it room to expand. Even though it's a green tea you can still taste the difference compared to other greens made elsewhere. Perfect when I want a milder energy boost in the afternoon! 

  • Tiktaalik on Amazon raved:

I really enjoyed drinking this green tea. The quality is very good, and the tea has a great flavor and smell. I really love the bright green color too. Overall I appreciate knowing where the tea comes from, and because it's organic I know that I'm not drinking any pesticides. Lately this has been my go-to for a morning cup of tea or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Definitely recommended, and highly satisfied with my purchase. I plan on buying more in the future.

  • Another Amazon customer said:

Everything about this green tea is great: the aroma once brewed, the delicate flavors, and the story that comes with it. Making the first cup of green tea out of this robust Assam leaf gives you a bit more kick than a normal green tea, while the second steeping is just as good as the first! Highly recommend!

  • Philippa Baker-Rabe review’s read:

The tea rocks! I enjoy an easy to drink but flavorful green tea and Mana delivers! Yummy aromas straight out of the box and a fresh taste. Great for first thing in the morning or a midday pick me up!

  • Eliza Smith had this to say about Mana Organics Green Tea:

This green tea is delicious! Higher quality than any other green tea I've had in a tea bag before. I have not had much green tea from India before, and now I'm hooked! Highly recommend!

  • And finally, Jill Z on our website shared her love of our pyramid green tea bags:

 I love green tea and this was the smoothest, tastiest, freshest green tea I think I've had (and I'm really not just saying that). I have green tea every morning ... I am excited to buy more so my days start off great! Thanks Mana Organics!!

Ready to try some Mana Organics Green Tea? Order today, get free shipping, and receive your tea before Christmas.

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