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The Mana Beyond Tea

Avantika Jalan Madhya Pradesh Mana Organics social projects

Mana beyond Tea

Homes of Adavasi Organic Farmers in Madhya Pradesh

An Adavasi Farming Community in Madhya Pradesh

In the heart of India, where the sun beats down the strongest, where long summers await the increasingly unfaithful monsoons, millions of people try to scratch out a living out of rocky soil.

In the most remote villages, on the most marginal lands, live the Adavasi tribes. These peoples settled in the Indus plains even before the Aryans arrived in the Indian Subcontinent. Because of their remoteness and poverty, Adavasis have very little access to markets, technological advancements, and other forms of development assistance.  

While in America Mana Organics means premium single origin tea, to a small community of these Adavasi farmers Mana Organics means a whole lot more.

Mana’s work in Madhya Pradesh

Mana works with 600 Adavasi farmers, in 3 villages in the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. With them, we combine traditional knowledge with modern organic farming techniques.  This creates resilient systems that work for farmers instead of preaching “best practices” disconnected from reality.

Additionally, Mana sponsors the organic certification of their farm lands which allows the community to access urban and export markets. We also purchase their lentil crops, enabling farmers to expand their cultivation. This improves soils (because lentils fix nitrogen) and increases crop diversity. We also provide access to agricultural inputs such as seeds, organic fertilizers, and organic pest control.

Looking forward to 2017

Mana Staff consulting with Farmers regarding new community projects

Avantika and Rashmi consulting with Mana Organics Farmers regarding community-based organic farming projects

Already, we have learned much from our farmers about their difficulties, their needs, and how Mana Organics can best assist them. We have started the initial research for pilot projects designed in response to these farmer requests. And we have hired more local talent interested in helping their communities to start implementing these project ideas next year.

When you drink a cup of Mana Organics tea, you are helping us fund these current and future projects. We hope that you check in regularly to hear the impact your support makes on our farmers.


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